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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Warth of the Gauge...

I seem to be in good company when talking about gauge problems. Just look at Pink Lemon Twist's blog (Nov. 8th entry) and Miss Grumperina's (Dec. 7th entry)...

On Friday I made a swatch using the yummy Chocolate yarn to make a swatch. My KnitWare software needs a gauge to calculate a pattern for me. I don't like doing swatches, but I'm a good girl and I made one using my Boye Needlemaster needles in size 10. 4 inches = 19 sts and 20 rows.

I was a bit suprised at the number of stitches as this is a THICK yarn, but I measured again, and it was exactely the same thing. So based on that I made my Hot Chocolate pattern. A raglan sweater, knitted top down with a rolled neck.
As the cable size I wanted to use is being used by something else I decided to use my Plymouth Yarn interchangeable bamboo needles in a size 1o. I made another swatch because I wasn't certain about my row gauge. Hmmm.... still 20 rows, but only 16 stitches this time. I compared the needles and they are exactely the same size!!!! I changed my stitch gauge in the pattern.

I cast on and happily knit my rolled neck and started the raglan increases. I stopped cos I thought the neck looked BIG. I took my tape measurer and checked things again... This time I had 19 rows for 4 inches and only 14 stitches. So I yanked it off the needles. I was really upset... I tried it on and it was wide and ITCHY!!! so I'm going to change the Hot Chocolate to something else. I still want to try the top down raglan thing... but I need a bigger neck opening so that I don't get anything itchy on my skin LOL.

I'll keep y'all updated :)

Cheers y'all, Eva


  • At Sunday, December 11, 2005 1:26:00 PM, Blogger savannahchik said…

    oh no what a pain! a couple thoughts:

    there's a good chance bamboo will give you a larger gauge than metal. since bamboo grabs a bit, your natural tendency is to knit a bit looser to compensate. i suspect that's at least part of your ever-changing gauge problem.

    as for the itchiness, rebekkah at at bowerbirdknits made a sweater out of the ecowool earlier this year. you might want to ask her what she thinks of the yarn now that it's been done for a while. the sweater looks gorgeous! it's here

    oh, and in regard to your last post. i'll definitely be doing a KAL. i've been SO busy with work though that i haven't had a chance to put together a blog and a button to kick it off. but the plan is still to do a KAL for Jan 1st.


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