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Sunday, November 20, 2005


how's tricks?

I'm done knitting with the body of the Pacific Northwest Shawl by Fiber Trends. I'm working on the border... a new experience for me. I have never knitted on a border like that. Actually, I've never knitted a border on any which way LOL. This is only my second shawl. As soon as this one's done I'm going to knit it again for myself, using KnitPicks Shadow in Jewels, but on bigger needles. I'm using 2.75 mm right now and I don't think it will be very big, but my aunt's smaller than I am. For myself I'll be using 3.5 mm or 4 mm needles.

The border kinda stressed me out last night so this morning I started a scarf for myself. I'm using KnitPicks Gossamer in Sunrise, 4.5 mm needles and the pattern A world lit only by fire by Lavish Lace. So far I've done 2 pattern repeats and they're going pretty fast.

Yesterday I watched a fun movie. It is an old one, Cheryl told me to get the DVD while I was in Oregon. I think I paid 4 USD or so for it in Walmart. It features Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds and is called The best little whorehouse in Texas. The famous "I will always love you" song is from this movie. And if you want to hear Burt sing, watch this one LOL. It is funny and a combination between movie and musical. Oh, and next time I watch it I'll be writing down some of them expressions they use. I love expressions like "slicker than catshit on a linoleum floor".



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