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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Little knitting update...

well... my elfin lace isn't anymore. I had finished the shawl, needed to add the border, but a) I was running out of yarn, wouldn't have had enough for the 10.000-something stitches I still needed to do and b) at 120 inches, unblocked without border, it was just to frigging big to my taste.

I knitted it with US6/4mm needles instead of the US2/2.5mm recommended in the chart (yes, Nola... I know!!!!). As I was using yarn that wasn't cobweb weight like the one they used in the original I thought I'd be fine using bigger needles. Guess what... it wasn't LOL. Well, now I'll go get me some 2.5mm needles at the shop tomorrow. I have some, but they're still traveling in the boxes that I mailed from the US 7 weeks ago tomorrow. I wonder where those boxes are. Normally they say 4-6 weeks for surface mail. You'll see they will be here tomorrow if I go out to buy new needles... Murphy's law.

I've also ripped the other wrap I started Wings Wrap as I forgot to write down what row I stopped on and couldn't figure it out. I had only done about 20-something rows on that one, so it wasn't too bad.

The mystery stole is coming along slowly but surely. I've now done 4 repeats and am about 1.5 repeat shy of a full repeat. I have to do 5 full repeats. A total of 420 rows... only 358 to go hahaha. Once I've done those I still have to do clue number 4 which is 16 rows and then there's still clue number 5... we'll see what that will be.

Oh, I did have some wonderful stash enhancement on Friday :) I had ordered 10 skeins of laceweight yarn from and boy are they gorgeous!!!! I picked 5 colors and got 2 skeins of each. They were sent on Tuesday using DHL and I got them on friday, and for less than it would have cost to mail them regular mail from the US. They are located in Uruguay I think, but definitely worth a try. I might get some of their other yarn soon.

Cheers y'all Eva


  • At Saturday, July 30, 2005 2:43:00 PM, Blogger Lani said…

    I didn't know you had a blog!! I loved reading through all your entries. But before Nola can say anything, I think you need to do an update! LOL I miss chatting with you, too.

    Take care of yourself and happy knitting!!


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