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Sunday, April 10, 2005

See... it's happening already :)

I'm no good at these kind of things :) Keep forgetting I started a blog hahahaha. Oh, well, I'll try and remember from now on.

Nothing much happened this week except a LOT of work, but I plodded through it dilligently and so next week it should be less.

On Saturday I went to the mall with a friend and I got some "sexy" shoes... I bet most of you think they're pretty regular looking, but for someone like me who lives in sneakers and oxfords these are sexy hahahaha. I'm going to add a few pictures of them, IF I find how to do it :)

My friend and I (I've known her for 30 years... scary thought to be old enough to have had a friend for 30 years) went to a clothes shop next as I wanted to get some capris... found 4 pairs and a nice red tshirt too. And I was smart enough to try them while wearing the sexy shoes... they look great with all of the capris except the red ones LOL... the red's different and most people wouldn't notice, but I do and it bugs me.

I wanted to finish Donna for saturday next week, but that is not going to happen, so I put her aside for the moment. Will finish her before going to the US. I started knitting Soleil from the Spring issue of Knitty. I first started it in dark blue Toccata by Lana Grossa. My problem is that my knitting gets soooooo loose that I have to knit with needles 3 sizes smaller than the smallest size suggested. I'd done a few rows and was not liking it at all, so I ripped it and then started it over again, using 2 strands and a US size 6 needles... okay, it will be a bit thicker, but at least it looks as if I'm making some progress here hahahaha.
Will probably make a pic of what I have soon.

Here a few pictures of The Shoes
This first one is a sideview of the shoes... so that you can see they've got a HEEL hahahaha.

Image hosted by

Next is a topview without my foot in them.

Image hosted by

And last, but not least... my foot in them... love the way I have to wrap those laces around my ankles :)

Image hosted by

Well... guess this is all for now. My sunday barely started, so nothing much happened yet.


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