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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Public notice...

Me and my blabber can now be found here

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous sock pattern...

I was on my Saturday Sky Webring walk when I came across Anne's Blog. Anne's in the UK and in her July 14th post she puts up a sock pattern she came up with. Although Knitty and MagKnits turned it down I personally think it is the most gorgeous pair of lace socks I ever saw!!!! I'm in love and am going to start them today.

Off to start knitting those Anne Socks :)

Cheers Eva

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Have bed... will travel

With this heat we're having for the past couple of weeks, my place really heats up. I used to schlepp my mattress out on my balcony to spend the night outside so that I would be able to sleep some... but it was hard to navigate my mattress out of my bedroom, into the hall, through the dining room and out on the balcony.

A couple of weeks ago I decided that the problem would be solved if I had a folding camping bed. So last week Wednesday Dad & I went to A.S. Adventure (sorry website only in Dutch) to get a bed. I grabbed the first one I found... I didn't realise I took the kiddie size (hmm... seems to be an ongoing theme with me LOL). So on Saturday we went back to exchange it... it turned out that they sold all 15 adult beds in those 2 days. The dude at the camping department managed to find a bed in a store in Belgium. So I had to wait and today I picked it up... it is Danish design and technology!!!! It is amazing how it all fits together and how easily it is folded/unfolded. I remember the folding camping beds my grandma used to have. It would take about 45 minutes to put together and then still it would suddenly fold together again in the middle of the night...with you in it!!!

It looks a bit wonky on the pic, but the fabric's striped and with the bright sun reflecting on it it was really hard to take a descent picture!!! Looks like I'll be getting a good nights sleep tonight :)

Oh and as you can see it is nearly as wide as my balcony... that doesn't say much as my balcony's only 47 inches wide LOL... I have to push it against the wall if I want to get to the other side of it :) I'll have to figure out some kind of scooting technique to get on it... if I sit at the footend I can scoot back up it so that I can lie down :)

The nice thing is that it packs together into this really handy carrying case. It is pretty heavy, but still it is doable if I travel by train. No more sleeping on too small uncomfy couches for me!!!

Saturday Sky

Good thing a plane was flying through this boring blue sky. Oh and it is not very hot yet today... just lower 70's... it might hit 80 today, but that's it!!!
This pic was taken by pointing my camera upwards while on my balcony.

This is also taken from my balcony, but at eyelevel and off to the right. you can see by the way that those trees in the middle bend over that there's a whole lot of wind today... and it is a nice cool breeze!!!! Very welcome after nearly 2 weeks of temps of higher 90's. I'm still hoping for some rain... me needs rain to survive!!


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Saturday sky

This is my saturday sky... I took this pic while we where on the road to go to the shop to exchange my folding bed (I use it to sleep outside on the balcony when it's hot).

Anyways, the Lux. weathermen are not always correct. This is supposed to be a sky out of which it will rain all day and all night long.

As you can guess we didn't get a single drop of rain all day!!!

Cheers Eva

Thursday, July 06, 2006


The new Summer Knitty is up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Stashalong July challenge

I'm in a stashalong. To spice things up a bit, the boss decided to have a challenge. We had to list one or more UFO's that we have to finish during the month of July... I picked 3 of my recent UFO's. These kinda got forgotten about as I've got a serious bout of startitis right now and keep starting new things.

First up are my blue-green-turquoise cotton/wool socks. The yarn is something-or-other Fortissima. As they're summer socks (because of the cotton) the cuff's not very long. I've also picked a simple stitch pattern which looks great with the self-striping yarn. The colors are more muted than in this pic. I had to use the flash as it is dark outside :)

Next up is my Icarus Shawl out of the IK Summer (or was it Spring) 2006 magazine. I'm using Zephyr in Ice Blue... so the grey in the picture is actually a light blue... Actually... I used a light blue polo shirt as background. The color of the polo shirt in the pic above is what the yarn looks like LOL

And last but not least my red-pink-orange socks... also some cotton-wool blend. I think the yarn is 4 Seasons something or other yarn. And the colors are NOT as bright... If they were the color in the pic I bet I'd be arrested for grave bodily harm LOL.

Cheers Eva

My favorite cobblestones...

This post is in honor of Monkee's 2nd bloggiversary. She asked us to participate in a little contest. Monkee always comes up with the most original ways of making pics of her knitting (on the roof, draped over plants in the garden to name a few).

This is what she writes on her blog:

A) Take a picture of your favourite road, highway, sidewalk, little path where the rabbits run, or anything you like that could vaguely fall into this category. Even a hallway. Whatever. Tell me some little factoid about it that might explain why you like it.

Well I didn't have to think about that one for a change!!! I had to take a picture of the little shortcut that I take at least twice a day. This shortcut has existed for close to 150 years. It is mainly still looking like it used to look. They have replaced the sandy mortar with cementy mortar over the last few years and the top part of the steps has been replaced too, but that was necessary as it was about to tumble down LOL.

I've been taking this shortcut for the past 29 years. As a kid/teenager to go to school and nowadays to go to my job.

I decided to guestimate how often I've walked this shortcut. I'm going to go with an average of 280 days a year where I'm using it. 280 x 2 x 29 = 16.240 times. I find this enormous, but... if you think about the fact that it has existed for the past 150 years and that I'm not the only one but there's lots of people using it... can you imagine how many feet have walked over those stones? Things like that amaze me... they give me a sense of continuity and make me realise that I'm just a small part of this big big world.

This picture shows the path leading up to the steps... the first 2 sets of steps are still in their "original" state. The top set (biggest set) has been replace a few years back.

A close up of the cobblestones with the cementy mortar which is actually also about 50 years old now LOL.

Oh, I just realised that Monkee wants a picture of
(B) Take a picture of some food that you believe is disgusting, barf-o-licious, or flat out nasty but will willingly eat anyway. If it is particularly disgusting, no need to actually show you eating it. I’ll take your word for it that it’s edible.

Now this is a problem for me... as I have this thing with food... if I think something to be disgusting, barf-o-licious or so I can not look at it, smell it or whatever or I'll barf indeed. So I decided to cop out on this one... guess I won't win a prize then LOL.

Monkee, I hope you like the fact that my little path is soooooooooooooo old... you still have a lot of bloggiversaries to go to catch up LOL.


Monday, July 03, 2006

Belated Saturday Sky

As I mentionned in my previous post... I was away this weekend. I spend it in Germany. I went to spend the night at a coworker's place. There were 2 ex coworkers too and we had lotsafun :) We BBQ-ed and laughed and had fun and danced to 80's songs and had a great time catching up. Just before midnight I remembered that I had to take a picture of my saturday sky... and as it was dark, I fiddled around with the funky night-features there are on my digital camera.

This pic was made using the nightframe feature and isn't it gorgeous? I didn't touch it up or anything... I don't know how to do that anyways.