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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My favorite cobblestones...

This post is in honor of Monkee's 2nd bloggiversary. She asked us to participate in a little contest. Monkee always comes up with the most original ways of making pics of her knitting (on the roof, draped over plants in the garden to name a few).

This is what she writes on her blog:

A) Take a picture of your favourite road, highway, sidewalk, little path where the rabbits run, or anything you like that could vaguely fall into this category. Even a hallway. Whatever. Tell me some little factoid about it that might explain why you like it.

Well I didn't have to think about that one for a change!!! I had to take a picture of the little shortcut that I take at least twice a day. This shortcut has existed for close to 150 years. It is mainly still looking like it used to look. They have replaced the sandy mortar with cementy mortar over the last few years and the top part of the steps has been replaced too, but that was necessary as it was about to tumble down LOL.

I've been taking this shortcut for the past 29 years. As a kid/teenager to go to school and nowadays to go to my job.

I decided to guestimate how often I've walked this shortcut. I'm going to go with an average of 280 days a year where I'm using it. 280 x 2 x 29 = 16.240 times. I find this enormous, but... if you think about the fact that it has existed for the past 150 years and that I'm not the only one but there's lots of people using it... can you imagine how many feet have walked over those stones? Things like that amaze me... they give me a sense of continuity and make me realise that I'm just a small part of this big big world.

This picture shows the path leading up to the steps... the first 2 sets of steps are still in their "original" state. The top set (biggest set) has been replace a few years back.

A close up of the cobblestones with the cementy mortar which is actually also about 50 years old now LOL.

Oh, I just realised that Monkee wants a picture of
(B) Take a picture of some food that you believe is disgusting, barf-o-licious, or flat out nasty but will willingly eat anyway. If it is particularly disgusting, no need to actually show you eating it. I’ll take your word for it that it’s edible.

Now this is a problem for me... as I have this thing with food... if I think something to be disgusting, barf-o-licious or so I can not look at it, smell it or whatever or I'll barf indeed. So I decided to cop out on this one... guess I won't win a prize then LOL.

Monkee, I hope you like the fact that my little path is soooooooooooooo old... you still have a lot of bloggiversaries to go to catch up LOL.



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