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Friday, June 30, 2006

Kiddie shoes?


yep, I'm still going on about the kiddie shoes :) I thought I'd make some pictures of them so that you can see what are supposed to be kiddie shoes. Correct me if I'm wrong... I think they look pretty adult to me...

First up are my Offshore Legends sandals. This is the most "strappy" pair I've ever owned hahaha. I especially love the soles :) I can see myself traipsing through the Bay Area wearing these :)

Next is a pair of suede KangaROOS. This pair and the next pair is more a fallish pair of shoes. Not really summer wear (at least not now that we have temps of close to 100 degrees). These have very thin soles, so they're extremely comfortable.

And finally another pair by Offshore Legends... this one's white leather with blue suede. The soles are a bit thicker than those of the KangaROOS...

Cheers Eva


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