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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wow... 4 days in a row :)

Yeah another post... Just to say that I survived last night's aqua jogging fine. No hurting shoulders/neck. The teacher forbade me to do any of the exercises... my legs are a bit sore though because they got to do all the extra things hahaha. Guess it won't be today that I'll be going to the lunchtime class... I'd have to be there in 9 minutes and I'm still sitting in my bed :) Good thing I don't work on Wednesdays.

Now I'm going to show off a few more flower pictures. Yes, I like flower pictures :) As I don't have a garden I take pics at Markets or wherever I can. I had been wanting to post these over the weekend already, but for some reason I got stuck on the name Cyclamen for them... I knew that was wrong, but hey, it got stuck. Then, today I was reading The Yarn Harlot's blog entry and as I was looking at one of the pictures I thought "wow those are Clematis" (y'all I had to look it up again as I'd googled Clematis to make sure that was what they were!!!). And Bing the light went on... my flowers were Clematis hahahaha. (Does a lightbulb actually go Bing when you light it?)

This one is gorgeous for its colors... there was a bit of orangey red in the purplish pink in the middle. You can see a little hint of it in that top leaf

This one is a simpler version of the others. I like the shape of the 4 leaves...

Here you can see the front and the back of the same flower. The front wasn't striped, just a periwinkle blue. The back, as you can see, was striped in lilacs and blues. Simply gorgeous :)

This one was just pretty hahahaha.

That's it for today...



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