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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Why oh Why...

did I forget my camera today??? I would have had a great little movie to show y'all!!!

I had to go into town to get my lenses tested. I'm on my 4th pair in 2 weeks time and we finally found the perfect solution. A new type of lens for my right eye and my beloved SureVue for my left eye. Anyways, when I left the lens shop I looked up and saw this really really really posh lady coming out of Louis Vuitton. She was still holding court to the shop assistant and her doggie was already outside. She turns around to say something to the shop assistant and right in this moment her dachshund crouches down and takes a big dump... right on her sandaled foot!!!!!!!!!!!!! The woman starts shrieking and shrieking and flapping her hands and shaking her foot to get IT off!!! As she's making such a commotion a cop comes running and when he sees what's happened he get's his little book out and gives her a ticket for dumping the sh!t and the paper towels the shop assistant is using to clean her foot on the street (we have a law here that you clean up after your dog or you get a ticket). I could see that the cop had a hard time keeping a straight face... Anyhoo, as she doesn't have the cash, she gets escorted to the nearest ATM LOL. You should have seen it... the whimpering lady in her high heeled strappy sandal full with doggy poo trying to walk with dignity to the ATM while being escorted by a cop and the dog that looks at her as if to ask what all the hoopla's about!!! It sure made my day!!!

Actually, I was feeling so great I bought 3 pairs of shoes: 1 pair of very plane jane black sandals, 1 pair of fancier red sandals by VaBene (swiss hand made => expensive, but worth every euro cent) and 1 pair of red Birks with SHEEP on it!!! I'd seen them last year, but they were out of my size... this year they had my size so I didn't think twice about getting them hahaha.
Next I went to the clothes shop (the one for the Big Sized Ladies) and got... 5 pairs of pants (2 all season ones, and 3 3/4s for summer (same model, 3 different colors)) and 6 t-shirts. Guess I'm done for this summer.

From now on no more yarn, shoe or clothes shopping until September.

Cheers Eva - yep I used poopy brown to reflect the doggy act hahahaha.


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