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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Quick update...

yeah yeah, I should post a bit more often, and have some pics ready and so on, but... guess what??? I am basically a very lazy person LOL.

Anyways, you wouldn't have known it as I totally have forgotten to tell y'all about it, but I'm in a KAL called WIP Wipe-Out. Basically we're working on our WIPs to get them done. No restrictions on buying yarn or starting new things or whatsoever.
I think I was one of the first people to sign up, but I keep forgetting to send my weekly reports to Risa. Every time I think about doing it, the weekly update is the next blog entry I read :)
I don't even have the button or the link up yet, so I'm just going to link to Risa's blog.

Well, so here I'm going to try and remember all the WIPs I've got going right now.

  1. Seascape Shawl by Fiber Trends, done using Knitpicks Shadow in Jewels. I started this a little over a week ago. Finished the body of the shawl in 4 days. Then I started the Old Shale border (or whatever it is called...). I ended the body with 325 stitches on the needles. Read the next line "after row xxx there will be no more increases". Sooooooooo I thought 44 rows of 325 stitches... I'll zip right through it and while I'm at it I'm going to make the border longer. So I get to row xxx and BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I didn't realise is that in row xxx I had to increase... 160 (one six oh, or one hundred and sixty, or honderzestig, or cent soixante or...) stitches. So one row of the border is 485 stitches long. And 44 times 485 stitches equals 21340 stitches which is about as many stitches as I've knitted in the previous 150-something rows!!!! So guess what... I've done about 8 rows of the border so far and started something else.
  2. That something else is Fiddlesticks Lotus Blossom Shawl using laceweight in Orchids. Apparently I'd started this shawl a little while back and forgot about it. I was picking up some needles on my couch and hey, discovery, they had the starting of the shawl on it. I'd made a mistake somewhere a few rows down, so I ripped it all and promptly started over again. That was on Thursday night (at about 10 pm) and so far I'm at row 89. It is pretty repetitive, but not boring. I hope to get through all of the stem charts today.
  3. One of Sivia Harding's faroese shawls in Sage Zephyr. I started this a while back as a present for my Gran. But my Gran made me soooooooooooo darn mad 3 weeks ago that I doubt she will be the recipient of this shawl. She does not deserve my knitting time or Zephyr. Might sound harsh, but hey we don't get along and after that phone call I've had it.
  4. Second Feather and Fan sock using Trekking XXL #67 (I think). I don't know what I keep knitting Feather and Fan or Olde Shale (they're pretty much the same pattern) as I hate knitting it. I've done about 1.2 out of 3 repeats on the leg so far.
  5. Bavarian lace sock from Red Bird Knits March 2005 sock-of-the-month club. I'm nearly done with the first repeat of the lace pattern on my first sock. I'm doing these on 3 DPNs as each repeat is 22 stitches for a total of 66 stitches on the sock. I greatly dislike using 3 DPNs, but I started out using 4 and kept messing up the lace.
  6. A simple sock for Daniela, my coworker. They're done in Regia Canadian Fashion Colors in I think Calgary as colorway (or Vancouver). It is BRIGHT red, orange, yellow, pink and peach stripes. I was past the heel turning and working on the gusset the other day when I ripped way back to the leg part as somehow my stitches were all loose before the gusset and it kinda bulged.
  7. Some socks for my friend Lani. She's in the middle of moving from one military base to another and will soon be sent to a warzone (I don't know if I'm allowed to say where, so I won't). I believe she needs some handmade socks to take with her. She won't be able to wear them with her uniform, but maybe as bedsocks or on her time off (I don't even know if they get time off). They're not 100% what I wanted colorwise, but they've got some of her favorite color in them and I'll look for nicer and more Lani-like yarn soon and then I'll knit her plenty more socks.
  8. Second Knitpicks sock that I still need to start.
  9. Cardigan for JuJu or Juliette, my coworker Karine's 1-year old. This is a cardigan that I "designed" myself. It is a top down raglan in 2 colors of pink yarn. I need to find my notes again and work on it so that the kid can still wear it before she's too big LOL.
I think this is about all that I have on the needles right now. At least this is all I can remember right now.

I'm also swatching like mad as I want to make a couple of cardigans for myself. I ripped Eris last night. I loved the cabled collar, but the fabric of the body of the cardigan was horrible. I knit too loose to use Cascade 220 with a 4mm needle. I could read the paper through the fabric... without stretching it. I also want to make Bristow. I'm swatching some Cascade Eco+ for that. I do have a small problem, because my swatch (after being washed and dried) stayed the same stitch wise, but shrunk row wise. If I make Bristow I was going to make it longer anyways, but now I have to figure out how much longer I will have to make it so that after washing it is still long enough to my taste. I've also got some Jaeger Aran yarn in a burnt orange that I want to make a cardigan with. I am thinking about doing a top down, round yoked cardi using one of my sweater design programs and maybe add some cables or so to it. I still need to swash (swatch & wash) that yarn though.

Pics might come one of these days...


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