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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm out of the stash-along...

yep, you read that well, I fell of the wagon. Last week a coworker asked me to order her some sock yarn online as she was having trouble with the site. Of course I obliged... and I got the box yesterday. Lo and behold, several skeins of sock yarn jumped in the box that my coworker didn't order. Of course I racked my brain and realised I must have hit the "in cart" button a couple of times subconsciously.

Kim, I'm really sorry that I didn't manage to stick to it till the end, but I've done a lot better than I expected to do, so I'm pretty happy with myself.

Okay, folks I had this long post with pics and so on that I wanted to do, but my website is down so I can't access the pictures. I just contacted my website manager (now doesn't that sound posh) and she told me that the place where the servers are had a power outage yesterday and that it would take another day or 2 before it would be up and running again.

I was soooo pleased with myself, because I managed to add comments and arrows to one of the pics to point something out LOL. Ah well, I'll post it as soon as everything's working again.

Cheers y'all, Eva


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