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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

sock-sock,sock-sock and sock...

Hello every one... first of all, let's all thank Nola for getting it all fixed again so that we can have pictures on this blog :) Nola, I know I was a total pain in the you know what... but I do thank you for getting it all straightened out :) Here are some virtual yellow roses for you... they're called Olympic Gold (I nicked them from some site that had tonnes of images of yellow roses, but no references as to who took them).

Okay, now on to the knitting content and the reason for my title. As you may have guessed it refers to having finished 2 pairs of socks and a singleton (in the meantime I've finished another singleton, but it will be featured in another post).

This first pair of socks is done with a very bulky yarn by Lana Grossa. The recommended needle size was 8-9mm. My friend AMN wanted some thick woolen socks to use as house socks. I thought I'd try and use this yarn. I used 5mm needles and 1 ball of yarn for each sock. The pattern's a basic toe up pattern. They took me about 15 hours to complete. Luckily AMN and I have the same shoe size so I kept trying them on to see if they fit. I gave them on Wednesday and just had some feedback... they're too short. I don't know if she means the foot part or the leg part. Anyways they went on her trip to Tenerifa today, so I'll know more once she's back. I'll rip and reknit whatever needs to be done. Oh, the way they are now, I only had a couple of yards of yarn left over on each ball, so next time I'll make them, I'll use a ball and a half per sock.

This is a pair I knitted using KnitPicks Dancing in Ballet. I LOVE THEM... I've got them on my feet right now as we speak. I bought a sampler pack of this yarn while in the US and am glad I did so, as KnitPicks will discontinue this yarn. When they run out of it... that's it!!! I did find a German company that sells the exact same yarn, but under a different name. It is called Hot Socks there. I found it in this german online shop. I might order some more from KnitPicks and have it mailed to CH in OR (Hiya CH!!! More stuff to mail hahahaha). The one thing I'll change, is I'm going to make them smaller and longer... they're kinda loose...

And this is the singleton... done in Knitpicks Sock Garden and the color is Hydrangea and not Sweetpeas as I've been calling it all this time. Guess I mixed my 2 favorite flowers up LOL. Since I took this picture I did weave in that end you can see hanging off the toe.
For this sock I used a garter stitch short row heel... which I LOVE. It is easy, and fast.

This is a picture to show how the colors and texture of the yarn seem to be different on the cuff. Really weird LOL. Oh and this is the softest wool I've ever felt. It feels like cotton...

And finally a close up of the garter stitch short row heel. I'm sooooo darn pleased with myself... I figured out how to add comments and arrows (although a bit wonky) to my picture hahahaha.
This is to show how those wraps disappear in the garter stitch rows.

Since having done this first sock using the garter stitch short row heel I've done a new sock using it too... I did figure something out though. A normal short row heel adds about 2 inches of dept to my socks... with a garter stitch short row heel it is more like 1.25-1.5 inch... so you do have to remember to make the foot of your sock longer than you normally would. I don't seem to be the only person with this "problem"... Maybe I'll have to do some research to see if this is "normal".

Well, this is it for now... I've got pics and things for more posts, so be on the look out the next couple of days :)

Cheers Eva


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