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Thursday, February 23, 2006

YAY for me...

Some of you might have seen the little bar thingy to the right that says I'm done with my Olympic knitting project, but so far I hadn't posted about it.

So here it is:

I'm done!!!

And I have been done since Sunday around noon. I started the previous Sunday around 10 in the evening. I've had to change yarns as the one I picked was very adamant that it would NOT become the shawl. I think I knit and ripped the part til the shoulder pattern about 10 times and out of frustration threw the yarn across the room and picked the first ball of anything lace that I came across.

It was some Henry's Attic laceweight yarn that I bought of someone this summer. She dyed it with Koolaid and it is this gorgeous crushed strawberry color. The yarn, once knitted up, feels great too... You take a handfull and squeeze it and it feels like squeezing a sponge!!!

I love the faroese style too. You can indeed do anything and it'll stay on. On Sunday I tested this by jumping up and down and dancing all over the place (no worries... no neighbours were home).

The shawl has been keeping me warm in the office... too warm actually LOL.

Some pics now...

No it is not flying or hanging from a wall... the pic was taken on the black carpet in my dad's computer room... I just rotated the pic so that it'd look right side up... forgetting about the tiles in the background LOL.

This one is taken from a different angle. I’m still amazed at the magical shape you get by just “adding” extra stitches in a couple of rows.

Close up

Obligatory shots of the shawl draped over my mom’s chair

Okay, as I’ve been done with this shawl for a couple of days I’ve got another FO, but forgot to take a pic of it. Remember that pale lilac lace sock from a few posts ago??? It’s done too. Now I need to cast on for the second one and knit it. I used a star decrease for the toe as I’d tried doing that Kitchener stuff and it is just too much hassle.

Then on Tuesday, my St Valentine’s order from Schoolhouse press arrived (I’m specifying that it is my Valentine’s order for Stash Along purposes J)… Icelandic Unspun in Denim. This really feels weird… it is indeed not spun and has a funky feel to it. Not yucky funky, just funky funky hahaha. Oh, and it doesn’t like any resistance whatsoever when you work with it. The yarn broke twice in the first row I knitted with it. I’ve now learned not to “control” it by lacing it through my fingers like I normally do with yarn.

Oh, and you know what had me really flabbergasted???? With the yarn comes a note explaining that the yarn is not spun or dyed… does that mean that in Iceland they’ve got blue and pink sheep wandering around??? The yarn also comes in pink… If yes, then I want a blue and a pink sheep. Now that I’m thinking about it… if they’d have babies, would they be calico blue/pink or lilac????

Here’s a pic of the blue sheep goodyness. Oh, in case you’re wondering I’m knitting the Faroese shawl from GOL with it. So I’m using the required yarn hahahaha. The blue is a bit less intense in reality. It is more like a mucho washed pair of jeans.

Guess that is all for now.

Cheers Eva - who's given up trying to get all the fonts look the same size on this blogger thing... It starts to p!ss me off

PS: Fleur Maxwell, one and only Luxembourgish Olympic athlete, I'm rooting for you tonight!!!


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