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Saturday, January 28, 2006


I've just sweated for close to 3 hours over adding buttons to my blog :) It was a boatload of work LOL. I've also changed something... because some blogs don't have buttons they were getting lost in the forest of buttons, so I moved them to the top of my list. I was smart before starting this... I copied the whole shebang into Word and there I could copy paste comfortably.

Next I added a couple of groups I belong to too. But before adding those I figured out how to link to pictures on my website instead of PhotoBucket. So next up will be moving all the blog buttons to my website and redo all the links... but that will be next week or so. Have had enough of the scary HTML-stuff.

I'm going to look for a tutorial on button making and I'll make my own button too :)

I found an interesting link in google, but it was broken :( It was a tutorial on how to create your own wallpaper and everything. I'd like to do that as I'm a bit fed up with the standard blogger stuff...

That's it for now, cheers


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