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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Another week's bitten the dust...

I've been meaning to post since last week Sunday, but I keep "forgetting" :) I have some pictures of my Ene blocking to show. I liked knitting it a lot, but it is soooo lacy that I keep getting stuck in the yo's with my fingers or rings or whatever. And then of course I've got the hardest time ever to try and get the thread back in. I'm also scared that I'll break the yarn one of these days. So for now it is just lying around, unused.

Here are the pictures: The first one shows it draped over the chair my mom used to sit in, with part of one of her quilts showing. You can see how lacey it is... Next up, having a flirt with my dad's computer chair. And the last one is a upside down picture of it on my "blocking table".

What else have I done... well the Shetland shawl has been ripped as I didn't like the plain garter middle and I didn't feel like picking out a lacy something for it instead. I'll do that some other time. I did start the Spirit of the Southwest by Fiber Trends using that shade of KnitPicks Shadow. This shawl's a pain in the you-know-what. I'm having the hardest time possible with the corn part. I've put it aside as I'm really not enjoying working on it for the moment.

I've also started another shawl, Wings of Fantasy by Hazel Carter for Blackberry Ridge Yarns. The picture on the site doesn't do it any justice... Off to find a better one. Found a gorgeous picture of it on someone's blog... she's done it in 3 shades of lilac yarn... absolutely gorgeous. I'm going to make a second one using 3 shades of a color too... it is just too beautiful like this!!!!

Oh... and as I'm yarn shopping deprived... I've gone and spend LOADS a money yesterday on a DVD recorder (I could have bought several hundred skeins of my beloved KnitPicks Shadow for that kinda money). I got one with a 200 GB hard disk... imagine I can record over 350 hours of stuff!!! and I've been fooling around with it a bit. It does all kinds of nifty things, like downloading the channels from my TV. Oh and last night I was watching a movie and had to go do something else, so I hit record and 10 minutes later I started watching what I'd taped while it kept recording the rest of the movie!!!!!!!!!!!! I do realise that those of you who have Tivo can do the same thing, but we no have such thing here in Europe (yet).

I saw 2 good movies this week (both dubbed in German): Switchback with Dennis Quaid and Sidney Poitier and Down with Love featuring Renee Zellweeger and Ewan McGregor... I want to get both on DVD.

That's about it for now folks,



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