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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Just a tiny post...

to share something silly LOL...

At the beginning of December I placed an order at Handpaintedyarn. I got it today... and there was a gift in the envelope. A skein of Apple Green Colonia 140 (I'm not sure, it doesn't say, but it sure looks like it is that yarn)... it is soooooooooooo soft, I can't believe it's wool hahahaha. I unwrapped the tight skein it came in so that I could pet it better. Then I tried something new... I just wrapped the hank twice around my neck :) It fits snuggly like a neck gaiter would hihihihi. I just might keep it like that and wear it like that and not knit it at all :)

Told ya I was silly!!!


PS: I'll make a bigger post over the weekend...


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