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Sunday, December 18, 2005

The promised post with knitterly content

Hello again,

I wanted to have this one up earlier, but I got into ripping and organizing music on my MP3 player and it took longer than I thought it would. Actually, I'm still at it.

I took pictures of the 3 projects I'm working on:

  1. Hot Chocolate, a top down raglan sweater in Eco Wool by Cascade in a Chocolate color. It is designed by me using my KnitWare software. I think I'm going to call it Spiced Hot Chocolate because I want to do something to spice it up a bit. I'm thinking cables. Right now I'm just a couple of rows before the last waist decrease (I make shaped sweaters as I think that is more flattering). Once I've done the last decrease I'm going to start adding some cables that will end in a border.
  2. Ene Scarf from Scarf Style. For this I'm using Blackberry Ridge's Silky Merino in pale iris. I got the yarn in a kit to do the Tempelhof Airlifter shawl, but I ripped it several months ago as I couldn't keep track of the pattern. This stuff is soooooo soft it is unbelievable. I might have enough with just one of the 3 skeins I have. This is my 4th attempt at Ene LOL. I could never get past the border. Now I'm on the last rows of garter stitch before beginning the middle part of the scarf. The rows are getting slightly shorter already
  3. Eris Cardigan by The Girl From Auntie. For this I'm using the Cascade 220 Tweed in charcoal that I got a little while ago. This yarn is made for cables!!! It is even more yummylicious knitted up than it is in the skeins :) Can you see I'm majorly in love here????
    Eris is a top down cardigan/sweater, knit in 1 piece. You start with the collar/yoke thingy and then, once that is done, you pick up stitches along it and start knitting the sweater. I started Friday night and am nearly done with the yoke... I've never done any cabling, but I'm flying through this. I love cabling so much now that I decided on adding some to Hot Chocolate (which was a wee bit boring with just plain stockinette and lace doesn't look good with thick yarn like Eco Wool).

Here some pics (the quality isn't too good... still learning to use my new camera):

This shows Ene... the color is totally off. It is supposed to be a lilacy-lavender color and not periwinkle blue.

This is a pic of Eris showing how much I've done so far. Since this pic was taken I've added another couple of inches :) I'm nearly finished.

This is what I have of Hot Chocolate so far. The color on the sweater's accurate, but not on the ball of yarn. Oh, that ball, is not even half of a skein. So far I've used just a little over a skein. According to my software I should barely need 3 skeins... I've got 6 LOL.

Here some detail on Eris. The color is pretty good in this picture. You can also see the specks of cream and tan that are in the yarn.

Guess that's all for now... My Eris is calling me :)


PS: I'm giving up on using Zounder... it is a LOT of hassle for nothing... It says that you can drag and drop pics if you use Firefox... HA!!!!!!!!!!! NOT TRUE!!!


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