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Monday, September 19, 2005



I'm sorry but I need to vent... The place I work sometimes is a bit bizarre. On Friday, at 4 pm, they told me that from today onwards I'd be working in the english language department (I'm a proofreader and my working languages are dutch, french and english) as they're having such a lot of work... When we have a lot of work that means that we have to proofread between 200 and 250-300 pages a day. Well, I moved my stuff to my new desk and so on, logged on to the system and then I had only 1.5 pages to do... all day long!!!!
So I asked my boss if I could help out in the dutch or french team as they're literally drowning in work and the answer was no, there's no need.
Okay, fine with me, and out came my scarf done in Lana Grossa Rainbow (the color I have is a burgundy with brown, green and royal blue). It is a simple garter stitch scarf done with a 7 mm / US 11, 20 stitches wide. I did 20 inches of that and then I also knit several rows on my cardigan (I'm knitting the sides and the back in 1 go... me do not do seams :)).

I hope there'll be more work tomorrow because I feel horribly useless this way.

Cheers Eva


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