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Sunday, June 05, 2005


Well, guess it was about time that I posted again. I've been wanting do so for the past few weeks, but somehow when I sat down with the page in front of me I didn't know what to write about...

Well, I'm still not done with my Soleil tank top. I added some short row shaping and although it looks great, I didn't understand that I was supposed to pick up the little wraps around the stitches when I knitted across the whole thing and so now I have these 2 rows of purl stitches that point towards my nipples LOL. I will have to frog it out again and pick up those wraps. Which means undo half the back and the front etc. I might have the energy and courage to do so later today.

Meanwhile I did finish 1 tank top. It is a free pattern from a shop online somewhere, but I don't know what shop. It was called Eyelet tank top (or something like that). I knitted it in pink Riso yarn by Lana Grossa. It is part microfiber and part cotton. It looks gorgeous. The fit & drape are wonderful too. I can wear it over a tee or just as it is... although it is a bit hot to wear LOL.
Here is a pic... it is hard to make a nice picture of oneself wearing something that one wants to show off...

Meanwhile I've dived into the world of lace knitting... use very very very thin yarn and knit it with needles that are way too big :) I'm knitting the Cobweb by Emma Crew (edited to add this little piece of information... about half an hour after this post I noticed that somehow 2 stitches had slipped of my needles and zipped all the way down. I couldn't figure out how to fix that problem with all those eyelets and so I ripped it all and am now going to use the yarn for something else... 10 hours of work ripped in 20 minutes :( :( ). I'm doing it in Helen's Lace by Lorna's Laces in Irving Park. I've "only" got to do the last 52 rows of each 257 stitches and the edging LOL. It is neat though. I think it will be a birthday present for a friend having her birthday in August (not naming any names yet)... I think she'll like the colors (reds, rusts, oranges and a bit of purple mixed in). I'm also doing the Mystery Stole Along that I came across on someone's blog. It is a yahoo group. I signed up and started last night. I'm using Helen's lace in Lakeview... gorgeous green/purple/blue/turquoise and I think it will be for mememememe...

Next I did some yarn shopping. On ebay I got some Patons Classic Merino in black and aran and I'll be making a sweater for my dad I think. I'll be using this pattern as I think it is classic and cool enough for him hahaha. Adirondack Pullover. I'll do it in the black I think. Or the Aran and keep the black for my brother. Although I can't imagine a skater handwashing a sweater, but who knows... he might just do it.
Then I wanted to bid on some silk. The lady said that only one skein was up for bidding right now but she actually had 7 more skeins. I e-mailed her and asked if she was willing to sell all 8 skeins to me and she did!!! She ended the bid early so that I could get it. Isn't this just gorgeous??? I'm going to use it for a scarf or a stole or a wrap or or or or...

Image hosted by

I won some other yarn too a week or so ago and I'll post pics of that later on. Then I went and ordered this Cherry Tree Hill Merino Lace in Gypsy Rose

and in Dusk

but the colors I really really wanted and that were out of stock are


Old Rose

and Spring Frost

Okay, that's what's happening in my life on the knitting side of it. What else is there to say? Oh, at the office there's not much going and the system tends to be slow/freeze/breakdown, so I get some extra knitting time there (oops knitting again :)). The weather's all over the place... one day we have 32 degrees the next barely 16, so no wonder that I'm sick (once again). My balcony has been re-done. I have some gorgeous light colored tiles now and I hope they won't get as hot as the horrible dark red/brown ones I had before. I'll make a pic of both (I'll have to hang over the balustrade of my balcony so that I can take a pic of the one below mine so that you get an idea of the horrible oldfashioned tiles LOL. Well this building's 35 years old, so I guess it's logical they're oldfashioned.

Well, I guess I'm done now... I'll try and keep this posting up on a regular basis...
cheers y'all Eva


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