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Sunday, June 26, 2005

2 posts within 24 hours...

oops, I must be running a fever LOL.

It is unbearably hot & sticky here. It rained about 20 drops about 3 hours ago and there was some thunder rumbling but nothing serious yet. I really really really hope that there will be a thunderstorm soon as I can't stand it much longer. I'm just sitting here and the sweat rolls off me...
I got my fan on the middle setting and things are flying away in my room LOL. I guess I'll be headed for shower number 5 soon.

Okay, what I wanted to share is this: Today I saw a documentary on Kelpie sheep dogs. They're australian sheep dogs and cute as can be. The fun thing is that these dogs automatically herd sheep... without being taught. The lady interviewing the german breeder didn't believe her when the breeder told her that these dogs do it without being taught. The breeder does teach them several commands later on in their lives, but the basics are there from birth. To prove it she put one of her 6-week old pups in a field with sheep. The pup had never seen a sheep in his life yet. After a few minutes, when one of the sheep started to stray from the rest of the herd, this lil' one started barking his head off, and run, wobble & tumble in the direction of the sheep and just went after it until it was back with the rest of them. It was just way too cute!!! The funny thing is that this breeder got a few sheep to keep her dogs trained and now she's a shepherd mainly that has kelpies as helpers and breeds them on the side. If I would ever get a dog I think I'd go for a kelpie, but they need a LOT of exercise and we all know that I don't do that hahahaha.

I tried to find a nice picture of a kelpie, but didn't find any that I liked enough.

Well this is it for now...

PS: I've been doing so much tinking today that I am really getting fed up with knitting right now. Every time I tink to correct a mistake I'll happily knit 2-3 rows just to discover that I made another mistake just before or after the one I just corrected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • At Monday, June 27, 2005 5:02:00 PM, Blogger Nola said…

    Thats cool.. I want a dog! :(

    I've done alot of tinking on my wrap... but yesterday I finally got the hang of it and I was amazed how fast Iget when I don't have to undo rows!


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