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Friday, September 16, 2005


once again I seem to have forgotten about this blog thing :) I have been planning on adding a post for a while, but when I sit down to do so I'm not inspired.

I have finished my Mystery Shawl 1. It is blocking, but I didn't manage to do it the way it is supposed to be done. It is still at my dad's (had to use one of his rooms as my rooms aren't big enough LOL). I'll make a couple of pictures soon.

What else have I finished lately... Oh a sock!!! I made a sock!!! the only problem... it's got not mate. I still need to knit that. I finally managed to do a sock and I'm so proud of myself. The thing is that I don't use those pesky dpns (I bet it was a man who invented those LOL). I use 2 circular needles. Here's a great tutorial on how to use 2 circs to do small diameter knitting in the round. I'm going to use it for sleeves on sweaters too!!!

I also made a moebius scarf. It was just something I wanted to try. I used some Lana Grossa Sock yarn. I'm going to rip it because it is too long and so is of no use at all. I'll make it again using only 200 instead of 300 stitches. I don't have the pattern anymore. My puter ate all my bookmarks a few days ago. If I manage to find it again, I'll put it up here!

I'm working on the Rosy Fingered Dawn shawl by Hazel Carter, the Mystery Shawl 1 in Zephyr, a Lace Sampler Scarf by Sandy Terp in ebony Zephyr (I got the kit at Sandy Terp's shop).

I've joined the following KAL's: Mystery Shawl 2, Rosy Fingered Dawn and Frost Flowers and Leaves. Those are yahoo groups and we're a very chatty bunch (just warning those of y'all who don't like chatty groups :)).

I now also belong to a sock knitting group: Townsend Sock Knit Along and a lace group where we also laugh and chat a LOT :) It is fun to belong to all these groups as I don't know any knitters close by.

Well, this is it for the "mini update". I'll try and get back to y'all over the weekend and talk a bit more and share some pictures.

Cheers Eva


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