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Sunday, December 18, 2005

This is another test...

Hello hello...

I'm writing this post using Zoundry BlogWriter lite. It is a software to write your posts offline. You can also do some magical stuff for adding pictures, but I've not figured that one out just yet LOL.

The other thing I've been trying is using NewsGator instead of Bloglines, but I do not like it much for the following reasons: a) it does not have a notifier and me loves me little "Blue B-with-a-red-dot" telling me there are updates in the blogs I read and b) it keeps messing up the number of unread posts there are. I mean, how many times does it want me to read a post that I read using NewsGator 3 days ago??? Of course it might be that I am doing something wrong LOL.

Ha, just discovered something with this software... I was adding the links to NewsGator and Bloglines. As I do the copy/paste thingy, I had the webpages displayed each time. I highlighted the links in my browser, did CTRL+C and then clicked on the little link icon and the little pop-up window had the correct link in it already!!! How's that for being smart LOL???

Cheers y'all... Eva

PS: a post with knitting love will come soon :)


  • At Sunday, December 18, 2005 11:35:00 AM, Blogger EvaLux said…

    hmmm... you have to go back to your site and edit the post and then publish it and refresh a few couple milliondred times and then it appears... Maybe I'm missing something somewhere.


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