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Saturday, January 07, 2006

May I present to you...

Pacific Northwest Shawl from Fiber Trends. This version's done in KnitPicks Shadow in Sunset.

(Intermezzo: Blogger's being a real pain-in-the-you-know-what and I've lost this post more than once... the pics are not in the correct order any more, but I'm too happy that I actually could post pics to fiddle around with them.)

I made this for my aunt for her 60th birthday (last year september). I got the pattern while I was in Oregon and when I saw the yarn I knew I had to get these two together. I used inox needles in 2.75 mm. I'm going to make this one for me too, but using bigger needles.

I didn't block it very severely as my aunt's petite and I don't want her to drown in it. I mostly blocked the body but not the border. I kind of like the way that the border looks "denser" than the rest. I haven't measured it yet, but it goes from hand to hand on me and ways down over my popo in the back. I'll try and find my measuring tape and get real measures.

I use my mom's quilt cutting table to block my shawls. On it I put a piece of batting. It kind of grips the knitting. To get a straight top edge I use the Yarn Harlot's trick by weaving a piece of string through it and then I attach it to 2 drawerknobs at the 2 sides of the room. It's funny to see LOL. But it's faster than having to pin it all out and hey, the table's too short anyways :)

This picture shows detail of the fishies, water, sand dollars and trees

Over my head shot to show you the shawl in most of it gloriousness. See how the edge softly ruffles? I stretched it out a bit more and now it ruffles a little less.

A detail shot of the trees and the gulls... the gulls that made my life hell :)

A picture of how I tied the shawl to the drawer knobs.

And another shot to show you most of the shawl.

I really this pattern :)

Cheers y'all...


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