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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Once again...

I'm a day off :) I knitted and knitted and knitted and didn't finish the shawl... the rows are never ending with over 500 stitches a piece and each row adds 4 or 2 stitches. I've got another 24 rows to do. The more I knit the more I fear that I'll have to rip everything as soon as I'm done... See, I didn't like the Kfb to start the rows with so to make it look nicer I added 3 garter stitches at the beginning and the end of a row. Because of the curving nature of the Feather and Fan lace that the bottom constitutes I fear that the border is not stretchy enough. So far it really really really puckers awfully and it doesn't look like I can block it out. Anyways there's something that boggles my mind. The drawing of the shawl shows that the top is straight... but what I'm knitting doesn't make for a straight top edge... I mean every row I'm starting and ending with a Kfb... which of course creates a curve.

Ah well, enough rambling... of to the knitting I go again. Who knows, I might get it off the needles today.

Cheers from snowy (once again) Lux.


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