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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I already messed up my first...

new years' resolution... I was going to blog on Sundays and on Wednesdays. Before I knew it it was Tuesday LOL. I'll try and do better from now on.

I have a FO though... Ene's done finished but not blocked yet. I'm going to my dad's place tomorrow and block her. My apartment's too small, and as he's not home right now he won't know :)

I finished Ene last week Wednesday. On Thursday I casted on (is that the correct way to say it???) for one of the Faroese shawls from Best of Knitters Shawls and Scarves using Indigo Zephyr. And on Saturday I started the Feather and fan triangle Shawl from Folks Shawls. I'm using's laceweight in Black, Pearl Ten and Pearl. I set the goal of finishing it tomorrow... but I doubt that will be the case. It is already 8.40 pm and I still have 37 rows to go... Each 2 rows adds 6 stitches and the row I'm doing now is 459 stitches long already.

I'm participating in a stashalong at this blog. We're not going to buy any yarn for the next 13 weeks. It'll be very very very hard because a) there's a sale going on at one of my favorite ebay stores (she has Cascade 220 for 4.85 USD a skein) and b) a sale at my LYS (who only sells Lana Grossa). I'll try to be strong...

I've also received the scarf from the International Scarf Exchange I am in (no, mine's not done... I'll be picking it up soon again :)). Rose from Enchanted Ewe spun and dyed the yarn herself... it is absolutely gorgeous!!! Oh and she's in the process of getting her own store up through her website.
I made this picture last week wednesday. I draped it in a tree on my way home from the bus stop... I got lots of weird looks from the cars driving by. Oh and all the snow you see has melted since. It was very windy so I had to poke the branches partly through the scarf to avoid it flying away.

The second picture's taken from a different angle and the sun disappeared just before I pressed the button to make the picture. Oh the pattern's Feather and Fan and it is LONG LONG LONG... I can wrap it 3 times around my neck, or twice around the collar of my coat and still knot it so that I don't loose it. It soft, warm and smells gorgeous hahahaha. I took it to the office on Thursday and Friday and my coworkers kept coming to my desk to pet it and smell it hahahaha.

Well folks, I guess this is it :) I'll post more tomorrow... as it will be Wednesday.



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