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Monday, March 27, 2006

Results of dr's visit...

I was at the dr's office faster than expected. I called at 8.15 to get an appointment and the assistant asked if I could get there within the next 15 minutes... I whispered yes... My throat's in such a bad shape that my voice is gone. So, I jumped into some clothes (I'd had the bright idea of showering before calling), ran over to my dad's and got him to drive me to the office. I need 15 minutes to walk there, so the car was the only option. My dad stayed instead of going home. I was out of there within 15 mins. My doc was shocked at my state. I said that at least my temperature had dropped to my "normal" temp of 36.3 deg C (97.34 F). So as I thought, I've got a double tonsilitis, sinus infection and bronchitis... hoping to keep away from the mid ear infection.

For once I don't have an infants illness (yep, I tend to get things infants or elderly have), but as my throat is in such a bad shape, I got liquid antibiotics, just like for infants..... can we say YUCK YUCK YUCK?????

I'll be home all of this week and I've decided to knit all the twins for my single socks (5 or 6 I think). So far I've not knit a stitch hahaha.
Guess I'd better get cracking.

I might even come up with a post or 2..

Cheers Eva


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