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Saturday, April 01, 2006

A couple of pics...

Okidoki... some pictures... sorry for the mumble-jumble, but those of you who use blogger know that blogger doesn't always upload pictures in the way you want them uploaded (or am I the only one struggling with that?).

These are my finished socks... yes they're short. Even a bit too short to my liking, but I can live with it. They're done using Trekking XXL in color 05. The picture makes the colors look nicer than they are. In reality there's a peach in there that I greatly dislike... me don't do peach. Ah well, I'll survive...

This is the kiddie sock using the left overs of the yarn above. I made a ruffled edge, 10 rows of k2, p1 (as the ruffle's also on a 3 stitch basis this looks best), heel flap is sl1, k1 and next row purl. The rest is plain st stitch. Star decrease toe.

I'm going to call this picture "unorthodox use of knitting appliances". I couldn't stop laughing when I saw what my coworker Hanne used for the safe transport of her Aloe Vera plant :) Lone (other coworker who's going to look after the plant) didn't understand why I was laughing. She always uses knitting needles for plant support. She asked if there was any other way for using them :)

Here you can see one Feather and Fan sock that is finished. Cuff done using a 2mm needle, heel flap using a 2.5mm needle and foot done using a 2.25mm needle. Don't know why I changed needles so much on this one, but I just liked the fit best that way. The yarn used is Trekking XXL in colorway 67... To be honest I like the striping on the bottom of the foot best :) Guess I'll be ordering some more to make plain socks with. You can also see that I really did start the second sock. But I haven't worked on it since Wednesday... the shawl's taking up all my attention right now.

And this last picture shows my sock (the finished one in my previous pic) while I was working on it in the office. It has become a joke... every time the system slows down or crashes I get my sock out, get ready to knit a stitch and the system will start up again LOL. It is really funny. Anyway, here's the sock reclining mid-sock-mojo on my keyboard and on some work.

Cheers Eva


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