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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Shop assistants in this country are known for their brilliant minds NOT and for their friendliness DOUBLE NOT!!!! In french you have a saying that says the customer is king. Here in Luxembourg this saying is adapted to say the shop assistant is the almighty G-d... and you better do what they want or you'll be sorry. And here is an example:

I went into town because I had do a couple of things. I pass a shoeshop that has nice shoes, but out of my price range, but they have a 50% off sale going on. I saw a couple of shoes I liked through the shop window. I go in and head over to where I saw them. They're in the kiddies section, but the sizes go up to an adult size 10.

As I go into this part of the shop a shop assistant (s.a.) stops me and informs me that it is the childrens section. I say, I know. She goes M'am those are CHILDREN's shoes. I say again I know and go ahead. She comes after me and and tries to direct me to the adult section. I look at her and ask her if she knows if I have children or not? She looks at me confused and says no she doesn't. So I ask her why she insists I do not buy childrens shoes. She throws me an angry look and stalks off. 2 seconds later s.a. #2 comes running over all aghast telling me that I am in the childrens section. I tell her, guess what??? your friend over there already informed of this and guess what??? I don't give a damn and I would like to buy those 3 pairs of shoes. But M'am those are childrens shoes??? I bite back that I KNOW and that I STILL WANT TO BUY THEM. We head over to the cash register. Here is the chief S.A. and again she informs me that those shoes are intended for children. I look at her and ask her if those shoes fit me (she saw me trying them on), her answer yes, then I ask her if they're for sale. Again her answer is yes, so I said I'd like to know what the F their problem is???

Now she tells me I have absolutely no reason to be so rude. I look at her and ask her how she would feel if 3 people, who know f-all about her would tell her that the shoes she tried on were childrens shoes as if they would transmit the plague or something. I told her she could be f-ing lucky that I was still willing to buy those shoes and not file a complaint for discrimination!!! And I also told her that if she didn't want adults to buy her shoes maybe she should not have "childrens" shoes going up to size 10!!!!

The 3 pairs are sneakers so it doesn't really scream kiddie shoes anyways.

Okay, off my soapbox and off to have another look at my new kiddie shoes :)


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