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Friday, June 23, 2006

Me is lazy...

so I've just copied the post I created for my Seraphim KAL :)

The Luxembourg Knitting Studio (LKS) is proud to present to you

Their newest creation featuring

Ladyslipper Zephyr and Dianthus Zephyr
together with
Mim's Pattern

Miss Seraphim

In the above picture she's lightly windswept due to a thunderstorm coming in

Here she rests in presence of her knitter's foot to give an idea of her size
(foot is 10 inches long)

A close(r) up of her point. The LKS would like to point out
that at this moment in time Miss Seraphim
has not been bathed or blocked.
This picture also shows the touch of ruffly cast off edge Miss Seraphim
sports. This is a typical LKS touch

And another picture of Miss Seraphim. The lighting isn't very flattering...
aforementioned thunderstorm being the culprit.


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