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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Regulation/control of the internet????

Okay, normally I do not pay attention to the banners on Yahoo, but this one creeped me out!!! The US government is about to pass a bill where it will take control of the internet. I normally don't do politics either, but if this bill is passed everyone's freedom of speech (not only the US citizens) will be curtailed.

Please, my US friends, have a look at and see it for yourself. It will play a little movie detailing what is going on. Once you're done with that site, go to and see how you can get in touch with your legislator to vote against this!!!

Thank you!!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

2 FO's...


I've been knitting and knitting and knitting, but most of the projects seem to be at that horrible stage where you knit 17 trillion rows and they don't seem to get any bigger. I did manage to finish 2 projects. No pics yet as the shawls are not blocked yet. Waiting for my dad to take his trip at the end of next week so that I can use the beds in his place :)

I finished the Seascape Shawl (Fiber Trends), using 2 skeins of KnitPicks Shadow in the blue color (is it called Jewels?). It had some funny bind off, which I couldn't wrap my brain around so I played a bit with the yarn and a crochet hook. I ended up binding of each stitch alternated with a chain stitch. This looks great... the bottom of the shawl is Old Shale and so my bind off repeats the holeyness of the Old Shale pattern. I'm very pleased with this bind off. Oh, and you know what? I had only about 10 yards of yarn left when I was done binding off so I didn't do the whole i-cord thingy :)

Next was Fiddlesticks Lotus Blossom Shawl. This one is TINY!!! I only used 2/3rds of a skein of laceweight in Orchid. I'm thinking about making this one again and adding more of the stem repeats to have a shawl that would actually be usable. Oh and the bobble bind off???? Did NOT happen!!! I ripped (have you tried ripping handpaintedyarn?? It is near impossible) the 3 bobbles I made and did a crochet bind off. If I remember correctly, I hooked 2 stitches together, alternating with 1 chain stitch. I will make a detail photo when it is blocking.

I have several other shawls in different stages of finishment on the needles and a few more will be added over the coming few weeks. I signed up for The Amazing Lace KAL (still need to add the button to my own blog though).

This is all for the moment :)

Cheers Eva

Thursday, May 11, 2006

How well do y'all know me?

The Bookish Wendy had this great quiz on her blog... I took it and amazed myself!!! I got 6 out of 10 questions right. You'd think I stalk the girl day and night, but I don't LOL. Some of the answers I knew, some I guessed (wrong) :) I had so much fun I had to make one myself and see the scores y'all would get :)


Cheers Eva - PS: Wendy... yours was the first I encountered!