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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Stashalong July challenge

I'm in a stashalong. To spice things up a bit, the boss decided to have a challenge. We had to list one or more UFO's that we have to finish during the month of July... I picked 3 of my recent UFO's. These kinda got forgotten about as I've got a serious bout of startitis right now and keep starting new things.

First up are my blue-green-turquoise cotton/wool socks. The yarn is something-or-other Fortissima. As they're summer socks (because of the cotton) the cuff's not very long. I've also picked a simple stitch pattern which looks great with the self-striping yarn. The colors are more muted than in this pic. I had to use the flash as it is dark outside :)

Next up is my Icarus Shawl out of the IK Summer (or was it Spring) 2006 magazine. I'm using Zephyr in Ice Blue... so the grey in the picture is actually a light blue... Actually... I used a light blue polo shirt as background. The color of the polo shirt in the pic above is what the yarn looks like LOL

And last but not least my red-pink-orange socks... also some cotton-wool blend. I think the yarn is 4 Seasons something or other yarn. And the colors are NOT as bright... If they were the color in the pic I bet I'd be arrested for grave bodily harm LOL.

Cheers Eva


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