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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Have bed... will travel

With this heat we're having for the past couple of weeks, my place really heats up. I used to schlepp my mattress out on my balcony to spend the night outside so that I would be able to sleep some... but it was hard to navigate my mattress out of my bedroom, into the hall, through the dining room and out on the balcony.

A couple of weeks ago I decided that the problem would be solved if I had a folding camping bed. So last week Wednesday Dad & I went to A.S. Adventure (sorry website only in Dutch) to get a bed. I grabbed the first one I found... I didn't realise I took the kiddie size (hmm... seems to be an ongoing theme with me LOL). So on Saturday we went back to exchange it... it turned out that they sold all 15 adult beds in those 2 days. The dude at the camping department managed to find a bed in a store in Belgium. So I had to wait and today I picked it up... it is Danish design and technology!!!! It is amazing how it all fits together and how easily it is folded/unfolded. I remember the folding camping beds my grandma used to have. It would take about 45 minutes to put together and then still it would suddenly fold together again in the middle of the night...with you in it!!!

It looks a bit wonky on the pic, but the fabric's striped and with the bright sun reflecting on it it was really hard to take a descent picture!!! Looks like I'll be getting a good nights sleep tonight :)

Oh and as you can see it is nearly as wide as my balcony... that doesn't say much as my balcony's only 47 inches wide LOL... I have to push it against the wall if I want to get to the other side of it :) I'll have to figure out some kind of scooting technique to get on it... if I sit at the footend I can scoot back up it so that I can lie down :)

The nice thing is that it packs together into this really handy carrying case. It is pretty heavy, but still it is doable if I travel by train. No more sleeping on too small uncomfy couches for me!!!


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